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Snoop Dogg Partners With Tanqueray Gin

Gin and Juice since 1993.

Tanqueray / Billboard

Everybody has their favourite alcoholic beverage. Whether it be something simple like a beer or glass of wine, something a bit harder like a whiskey or vodka or something fancy and exotic like a pina colada or pornstar martini. Whatever the poison, it’s a taste you enjoy with some family and friends or celebrating on a night out.

For one of the world’s most famous marijuana smokers, a sip of Tanqueray Gin tickles the tastes buds of the D-O-Double G. Back in January of this year, Snoop teamed with Tanqueray, along with a star-studded line up from various fields or work, including fellow rapper Ty Dolla $ign when they joined as part of the Tanqueray Ten project to promote the drink.

His reason for choosing gin over other spirits such as bourbon is simple:

“I don’t do the brown alcohol because I’m brown enough. That stuff gives you the type of hangovers that you have you saying you won’t ever drink again. Tanqueray, on the other hand, leaves you wanting to try it all over again.”

Snoop is obviously a big fan of gin all together, as he famously has a song titled ‘Gin ‘n’ Juice’ which is 24 years old. He has even created a cocktail, aptly called the ‘Laid Back’. The ingredients include one part Tanqueray, one part P Diddy’s Ciroc Apple Vodka, two parts pineapple and topped with soda. Worth a try one day.

Fancy enjoying a cold one over the summer? Try these with your friends.

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