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Salt Bae Sparks Uproar After Boasting Over $108,000 Receipt at His Dubai Restaurant

Celebrity steak chef Salt Bae has caused outrage for posting a $108,500 receipt for a single meal at his Dubai restaurant last week.

Salt Bae receipt
Famous Turkish chef Salt Bae has been criticized online after bragging about a $108,500 bill from his restaurant. Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@nusr_et

Salt Bae has been widely known amongst Gen-Z ever since the viral video of him dramatically cutting a steak and seasoning (with salt!) became a meme back in 2017. However, this internet sensation has recently become problematic. Salt Bae has made people furious by posting a $108,500 receipt for just one meal at his Dubai restaurant.

“Money comes, money goes,” the Turkish chef, whose real name is Nusret Gökçe, wrote on Instagram to his large fan base. The celebrity has about 54 million followers, and many of them are not happy. “Most overrated and overpriced restaurant,” one unamused person commented on Salt Bae’s post.

Another person commented: “Imagine being this wealthy…and then blowing it on overpriced food.” People online argue that this hefty bill poses as an insult to the hard-working class in Turkey. Turks are currently struggling to cope with the 60% rise in inflation and 10% unemployment rate, Newsflash reports.

Salt Bae’s Dubai restaurant is one of more than 20 locations he has established over the years. Ever since he found himself in the spotlight in 2017, his culinary career took off. Not only that, but he also became an internationally known celebrity with fans from all over the world. However, he is slowly losing his fans’ support and followers with his latest controversy.

Is Salt Bae cancelled?

Turkish newspaper Yeniçağ reportedly accused Salt Bae of boasting about his wealth as “citizens struggle to make ends meet with a 3-cent minimum wage.” Although, some argue his wealth is well-deserved. He continued to establish a chain of more than 20 restaurants and caught the attention of mainstream celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio and David Beckham.

It seems as though Salt Bae has lost many peoples’ respect, judging by the backlash for sharing pricey bills from his restaurant chain. “How many people in poor countries could’ve eaten with the money spent here? I have zero respect for this so-called chef,” one wrote.

Salt Bae was also shamed back in 2022 when he gatecrashed the World Cup final pitch in Qatar so he could be photographed with the trophy Argentina’s team had won. Since then, he’s been called both a “clout-chaser” and a “social climber” for seeking relevancy and attention in inappropriate ways.

At the time, Salt Bae claimed: “I love Argentina, lived there for a while. I went to the match to support them.” Did he really go to show his love and support solely, or to use Argentina’s win for his own reputation?

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