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Pizza-kini For Those Who Have £7500 To Blow On Edible Swimwear

Birthday present for the GF?

Source: Villa Italian Kitchen

Just in time for summer, if your wallet can handle it, you can purchase an edible Pizza-kini.

We’ve all pigged out in our swimsuits at the beach or pool but now, you can eat the food right off your body. What a time to be alive.

If you’ve got  £7500 to spare, you can deck yourself out in a customized bikini made out of pizza ready to eat. The pizza comes with fresh cheese, tomatoes and pepperoni and sounds amazing all by itself. The dough is braided and fitted to your body type so that you can wear your Pizza-Kini with confidence.


This Pizza-Kini is a customized piece that involves both a consultation and personal fitting with a ‘food stylist’ (who knew that was even a job?). After all that attention to detail, you can wear the Pizza-Kini or just devour it.

At the end of the day, we don’t really understand how it’ll all work with all the factors of gravity and hot cheese. But, pizza is pizza and we now live in a time where it is wearable.

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Thank you Villa Italian Kitchen’s Pizza-Kini for the world’s most mouthwatering bikini. Now all we need is someone to try it on. 

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