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Nestlé KitKat Chocolatory to Open in Sydney

We could all probably use that break right now.

KitKats have something of a cult following all over the world, with different countries popularizing interesting flavours and spins on the sweet treat.  Now, KitKat will open its own “Chocolatory” in Sydney.

The decision to open up a new KitKat shop follows the success of a similar one in Melbourne, which opened in 2016.  This location will open this coming Monday, July 6th, at the Sydney CBD.  Rather than just a standard chocolate shop, this KitKat Chocolatory mostly expands on the singular idea of the Nestle KitKat.  

Youtuber Lee Chan explores the Melbourne KitKat Chocolatory that inspired the one that’s about to open in Sydney.

Not only can you find international and unexpected flavours of KitKat here–like the legendary green tea one.  You can also create your very own KitKat, too.  At the “Create Your Break” station, customers get to choose the type of chocolate, as well as mix-ins to go into their ideal KitKat candy bar. Moreover, the shop has an installed chocolate train.  This train is a moving belt with different KitKat flavours for guests to choose from as they please.

Apart from chocolate, this shop will also serve dessert.  At the Tasting Table, guests can try an array of KitKat inspired desserts.  Seatings are an allotted 90 minutes.  Desserts include a dish named the “Pod to Plate”, which is a combination of wafer, mint, and lemon encased in a chocolate pod, and one named the “Aussie Lamo”, which includes sponge cake, cream, strawberry, and toasted coconut.
The Chocolate Train in the Sydney KitKat Chocolatory.

Currently, Australia still has a rather strict policy against crossing state lines.  Further, global travel restrictions will make it difficult for this KitKat Chocolatory to become an instant tourist destination.  Still, chocolate is a big comfort food, and there’s never been a more apt time for it.

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