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NASA Astronauts 1st Ever Pizza Party

A space first.

Credit: NASA Johnson/YouTube

Pretty sure they weren’t delivered in under 30 minutes

First off, I love pizza, who doesn’t? So I’m just giving you some forewarning that I may trail off into delicious stuffed crust, steamy mozzarella, meaty goodness….Oops, it’s already started. Sorry.

This week pizza reached new dizzying heights, quite literally in fact. About 400 kilometres or 248.5 miles above Earth (the spherical one not the flat one) orbiting at around 5 miles a second is the International Space Station.

Astronauts of the “Expedition 53” crew aboard the ISS recently enjoyed a truly out of this world pizza party.

The task came about after NASA’s station manager Kirk Shireman was inspired to send the Italian discs of cheesy joy into space by Italian Astronaut Paolo Nespoli after he sent a tweet from the station back in August claiming to see pizza shapes in the clouds over Italy.

The crew were sent up on a commercial supply ship back in October, and were tasked with creating some tasty pizzas for a movie night aboard the station. Now I’ve never contemplated the complexities of making a pizza in zero gravity but with no delivery companies making interstellar drops that’s exactly what the crew had to do.

With some skilful use of Velcro strapping to put on the toppings and scissors to cut the “Flying saucers of the edible kind” as Commander Randy Bresnik described them, the crew created a space pizza feast.

According to the astronauts there was no pineapple in the ingredients package so unfortunately there was no 1st pineapple on pizza debate in space. Just as well. Those debates can get pretty heated and someone may have been ‘accidentally’ pushed out of an airlock.

So does this top your best pizza party? Where’s the craziest place you’ve enjoyed a slice? Leave us a comment below. Feel free to share this article, but not pizza. Never share pizza!

Hungry yet? Check this out….

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