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McDonald’s Looks Like The Headquarters Of The New Order from Star Wars With These Latest Uniforms

We’re no longer lovin’ it.

Men, women, and teenagers are throwing their lives away to become crew members at McDonalds, also know as the New Order. However there was once a time when McDonald’s took great pride in fattening up the world. Now they’re fattening everyone up while wearing a grey uniform, void of all life, and it probably smells like grease mixed with pure evil.

Mandatory work uniforms are one of the drawbacks in large corporations, especially fast food places. I wonder just how many shades of grey the new uniforms come in. Although a lot of businesses are trying to modernize their uniforms. I remember flipping burgers for the company years ago in a baggy red shirt, greasy black cargo pants, and a black hat. At least workers can now work for their minimum wage in style.

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It’s some kind of dystopian Brave New World or 1984 outfit. Pulling up to the drive through for dollar menu cravings will never be the same. Not when there’s some Galactic swine handing me a bag of possibly poisoned nuggets and fries.

This is a great loss for the New Republic. The fate of the galaxy, and maybe McDonald’s, lies within the next Star Wars film: The Last Jedi. And remember, no fast food place is a quality job. It was my first job and my worst job.

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