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McDonald’s Just Added The Chicken Big Mac To Its Menu

This is the dream!

This is the dream!
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McDonald’s have added the Chicken Big Mac to their menu.

What a time to be alive. The people’s favourite burger has been given a makeover, and now comes with a little bit of a difference.

The tragic news, however, is that this wonderful burger is slightly far away for most of us. It’s not available in the UK right now, but places such as Australia, Qatar, the UAE, the Netherlands and Spain all have it on offer.

This really is special. The Big Mac was something else, while the McChicken Sandwich was out of this world, but this bad boy is the future.

Whatever genius invented this one was a legend and certainly deserves a raise. People have to be excited about this, it’s the future!

Magnificent, brilliant, amazing, delicious; the words happy customers are certain to speak after tasting this burger.

Just read the burger’s intro:

“Think of our most iconic burger. That Big Mac Special sauce. That crispy iceberg lettuce, melting signature cheese, onions, pickles, and of course, delicious chicken. That’s right, chicken.

At Macca’s we’re mixing up the classics, combining the famous Big Mac with the classic McChicken to create your new favourite burger.”

The McDonald’s legends have already added a vegan burger to their menu, so what tasty treat will they add next? Only time will tell!

For another awesome story, check this out!

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