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Man Eats Costco Hot Dogs For a Week Straight to See If $1.50 Price Is Worth It

An influencer goes viral for eating Costco hot dog meals continuously for a week straight.

Costco hot dogs
Illustration by Marcus Davila

Have you ever had a Costco hot dog so good that its all you want to eat for the rest of the week?

Yeah… we can’t say the same. But content creator Joey Kinsley, who goes by Sir Yacht online, put this to the test.

On January 11th, Yacht shared on his social media that he would only eat the Costco hot dog meal for every meal in the next week.

He wanted to see if the meal was truly ‘worth it.’

The deal is too good to be true

This meal only costs $1.50, including a plain hot dog, along with a customer’s soft drink of their choice.

According to Yacht, the experience resulted in him eating over 29 hot dog meals in the course of one week.

Man eating a hot dog is depicted for a downwards lens.
Credit: Instagram/ @siryacht

Yacht argued that the inexpensive of the meal makes it well worth consumers buying.

He attested that his total food expenses were only $43.50 for the total week.

Meanwhile, according to Yacht himself, the average millennial adult spends over $164.82 in total grocery expenses for a week.

As a result, he stated that he spent only a fourth in expenses compared to his millennial counterparts.

Overall unhealthy

Would you eat only hot dogs for a week to save some cash? Credit: Instagram/ @siryacht

Many would argue that this diet would not be worth this price due to how unhealthy it is.

One user on Instagram (@jose8756sanchez) said, ” [Having 4] Costco hotdogs a day plus the drinks, [you need to check your] sugar level.”

Concerns Yacht’s physical diet seemed to be a common trend on social media, as another user commented, “You’re LDL ?”

This user is referring to Yacht’s low-density lipoprotein, otherwise known as cholesterol, increasing following this diet.

Even Yacht himself reported having digestive problems.

He recounts having ‘bowel movements that resembled Willy Wonka’s chocolate river.’

That is definitely not what you want to experience after eating dinner.

Yacht’s fans come through

Though Yacht experienced lots of hate for his new dietary challenge, he also received support from fans.

A user (@brenon_adams) commented, “Glizzy Gladiator,” as a means of showing tribute to his dedication to the diet.

Meanwhile, another fan (@sophiesandmedia) wrote, “Literally an honor to witness history.”

This fan is right, after all, no other online influencer can say they have done this diet before!

New ‘diet’ trend?

Health concerns and controversy aside, Yacht reported that he lost over 4.2 pounds throughout the course of this week.

He allegedly went from weighing 229.5 to 225.3 pounds.

He stated that he may have been onto a newfound ‘diet trend.’

Though this was a joke, as he clarified on social media that, “this [diet] is not diet advice, this is just me making content!”

A part of us doesn’t believe he’s joking, but you have to put those PR skills into practice sometimes.

Was it worth it?

Regardless of the opinions of others, Yacht shared that he never got sick of eating the hot dogs once in the entirety of the experience.

He still craved the hot dogs over and over again.

When Yacht asked if the experience was worth it, he responded,

Are you kidding me?! I balled on a budget, lost weight, and had the culinary experience of a lifetime? Absof**kinlutely.

Sir Yacht via Instagram

We are thoroughly impressed by Yacht’s dedication to the Costco hot dog meal and riding for it so hard online.

Though we will not take part in this new diet trend anytime soon, we encourage those who will to enjoy this tasty Costco deal.

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