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Making Your Own Prosecco Kit Makes For The Best Christmas Yet!

A present that will last at least a week into the new year.

A present that will last at least a week into the new year.


It always seems so far away until, well, it isn’t. December has been made into a month of frantic rushing around trying to find that perfect gift for each and every person you know. Every time spending more than you intend to.

Now, worry no more. The aunt that you haven’t seen since last Christmas, the drinkers of the family and that best friend that you really want to get back in touch with are sorted!

Available from most online retailers, like Amazon or Argos, is a make your own Prosecco kit!

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I think I can safely say that we all know someone who is partial to a little tipple, even more so if we have made it ourselves.

This easy to follow kit takes just two weeks to make the final probably, although I certainly don’t imagine that it takes that long to drink.

A week into the new year and you are already making your own alcohol, a resolution to only have homegrown goods complete!

At £19.99 this kit is a definite winner for me, the fun of making and more importantly getting to drink the Prosecco is worth it. Especially for a present, I mean what family or friend is not even worth £20, hmm.

If you are feeling even more generous, totally check out what Aldi has available in time for Christmas!

A three-litre bottle of Prosecco! Now if that’s not enough for you…you should probably buy two just in case.

Especially if you want to play a little Prosecco pong!  Check it out!

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