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These LEGO Shaped Burgers Will Take You Straight Back to Your Childhood

aka Brick Burgers.

Credit: Brick Burger

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Most of us used to play with LEGO when we were young. And although they were not edible, there was certainly something very munchable about them!

Remember when you always wanted to chew on your LEGO when you were a child but your parents wouldn’t let you? Well now you can (technically) get all nostalgic about it with these LEGO shaped burgers! Behold the Brick Burgers: available only in the Philippines, these burgers actually consist of buns that look like LEGO blocks. They also come in three different colours: red, yellow, and black.

The owner and LEGO enthusiast Jergs Correa came up with this wonderful idea. And it’s not just the burgers. The whole restaurant is LEGO themed. You can even play with the available LEGO boxes and figures whilst you wait for your food to arrive. But that’s not all. The floor, lights and the bill tray are all LEGO-like too. Talk about a childhood dream come true! No wonder this place has met with such tremendous success!

Unfortunately, the restaurant’s exclusive to the Philippines and we are not likely to see one around here any time soon. Who knows? Maybe one day. In the meanwhile, keep the LEGO blocks away from your and your children’s mouths.

Talking about LEGO, why don’t you check out this terrifying ‘real life’ LEGO head?

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