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Frozen Foods for The Apocalypse #Coronavirus

Why buy canned when you can freeze fresh?

When people aren’t busy stockpiling toilet paper in the event that they possibly may not be able to give themselves a good wipe in the event of an apocalypse. You may be curious as to what foods can last you longer in lockdown.

Those over at have a list of foods that can be easily frozen and stored at home. And no, you can’t freeze your bog roll.


Who knew you could freeze these? For all your baking and breakfast needs, eggs are always handy to have around.

However, don’t be just chucking the whole egg into the freezer. First, you’ll need to get rid of the shell. Crack into a container of your choosing (I’m not judging if you use your favourite mug) and you’ll have a tasty, nutritious food ready to go after defrosting.

Although, you’ll have to use it up once defrosted. No refreezing!

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Thank the gods! Yes, you can freeze cheese.

That goes for any cheese really (apart from the cottage variety), from a mild cheddar to a funky blue boy. So get grating and pop it in the freezer or just throw the whole block in.

In the face of doom at least you can have a good brie.


Like water, milk will expand when freezing (given that it’s mostly water anyway) so be warned before just putting the entire container in there. Make sure it has room to expand.

Some suggest pouring the milk into ice cube trays and using what you need. If that seems a bit to arts and crafty for you just be sure your milk doesn’t explode in the freezer by using common sense.

Oh, and give it a good shake before using it!


You can’t put bread in the fridge, that actually makes it go stale faster.

However, you can freeze bread. Whether it’s a single slice or the whole loaf, you’ll always have some ready to go.

Pair this with some good cheddar and ham and you’ve got yourself a lovely cheese toastie.


Self-isolation got you down? How about some chocolate to spike those blood sugar levels?

Be aware that you’ll have to let the chocolate cool down in the fridge for a few hours before putting it in the freezer. If you don’t you’ll run the risk of the chocolate blooming.

This is when the chocolate looks cloudy because the cocoa butter has separated from the cocoa solids. It’s perfectly safe but it may taste different.

Rice and Pasta

I have a terrible habit of misjudging the amount of rice and pasta I need. if you’re like me you’ll have loads leftover.

Luckily you can easily freeze it and have it ready to defrost when you need to.

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This one might require some trial and error as different yoghurts behave differently in the freezing process.

But if you’ve heard of frozen yoghurt, you’ll understand why this one works. No need for defrosting if you can’t wait for that tasty snack. You can also freeze some mixed berries.

If it gets hot while you’re in lockdown you’ve got a ready-made summer treat!

So those are just some of the foods that can be easily stored at home during this pandemic. Why not get creative and try out some new recipes. Uuummm… chocolate omelettes?

While I try to figure out how to not poison myself, could a cow dung bath be the answer to a pandemic cure?

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