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The Most Expensive Marmite Jar May be Yours

Are you genetically programmed to win?

Credit: Marmite

“The world’s most expensive jar of Marmite has been unveiled,” a Marmite spokesman has announced.

The brand has revealed a Marmite jar plated with 18ct gold.

This one-of-a-kind jar was made following the results of research commissioned by Marmite. It showed that our love or hatred of Marmite is determined by our DNA. At least, they could find no other explanation.

Researchers poured 8760 hours of analysis into this, using 260 people as subjects.

Marmite has now made a ‘Marmite gene testing kit’ available on their website, for the price of £89.99.

If you have always wanted a gold-plated jar of marmite, you can download ‘Snatch’, a free app that

uses a player’s smartphone location with an augmented reality to turn the world around them into an interactive game. The winner gets the gold jar.

 This competition ends on 11th February. But if you have a ton of cash and a borderline obsession with marmite, you can buy gold-lidded Marmite jars directly from Marmite’s website. These are available until 28th February.

Whether people are truly predestined to love or hate it or not, Marmite might make room in the middle with this idea.

Want to get rich in a different way, check out these Japanese white strawberries that are worth as much as gold.

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