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This Chili Pepper Has More Of A Kick Than The Carolina Reaper: The Temperature Must Be Raised

Keep a couple glasses of milk on deck.

 The man who took it upon himself to discover the Carolina Reaper, and thereby scorch the mouths of people willing to feel the burn of the obscenely hot pepper, decided that he could not stop there.

He believed in his heart of hearts that there must be a strain of pepper which can be cultivated into something even hotter. He was apparently correct in his assessment, and has the supposed throat singing, chili peppers on lock-down for now, but will release the heat on a later date.

The gentleman’s name: Ed Currie. Seems like an eerily appropriate name for a man attempting to clean people’s sinuses out with a pepper so lethal.

If these things are as powerful as advertised, then I can hardly wait for the string of YouTube videos capturing brave souls attempting to down them in one shot.

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