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Caribou Coffee Are Quickly Becoming the Stars of the Pandemic With Their Hilarious Drink Sleeve Quips

This coffee sleeve’s well-meaning advice is unintentionally hilarious amid the pandemic.

Wikimedia Commons / Credit: Bobak Ha’Eri

Caribou Coffee is a coffee shop that likes that to stand out with drink sleeves that have motivational quotes. However, their recent phrase, “FIGHT THE URGE TO REMAIN INDOORS” is hilariously ironic in this day and age of quarantine.

Caribou Coffee is a Minneapolis-based coffee shop that was founded by Kimberly and John Puckett in December of 1992. Their menu consists of beverages that range from hot, cold, and blended, they have breakfast items like sandwiches, bagels, and bakery goods. You can shop for gift cards, search for coffee by category, and check out their videos on how they bring their coffee to life. 

This coffee shop also has a love for motivational quotes. On their drinkware, you will find their most-used saying, “LIFE IS SHORT – STAY AWAKE FOR IT.” While they are absolutely correct in encouraging patrons to live a full life, their recent motivational quote, “FIGHT THE URGE TO REMAIN INDOORS” encourages quite the opposite.

This badly-timed advice first came to light from the now popular video-sharing app, TikTok. TikTok user Michael Reinhardt, @msr828, posted the hilarious, yet ironic, coffee sleeve. The transcript goes as follows:


And THAT’S on unfortunate marketing #barista #coronavirus #justquarantinethings #stayhome

♬ original sound – Michael Reinhardt

“So I work in this coffee shop, right? And we have these sleeves for the coffee cups, you know, so you don’t burn your hand. And they have cute, outdoorsy, nature phrases – very on brand for us. But I have to go in and I have to take out every fourth one because they printed them, with the words, ‘Fight the urge to remain indoors.’”

“THE SCENIC ROUTE IS THE ONLY ROUTE,” “MAY CAUSE IRREPRESSIBLE  HAPPINESS,” and “THE WORLD NEEDS MORE EXPLORERS” are, indeed, very cute and outdoorsy phrases. However, the recalled coffee sleeve is just a sad reminder of the danger that lurks outside. Who knew that a coffee sleeve could be so controversial? 

Despite the poorly timed motivational quote, Caribou Coffee is following the now-standard protocol for contactless interactions with their customers. They offer services that range from curbside pickups, as well as, drive-thru services. They also deliver orders through Uber Eats and their own service “Caribou Delivery.”

Everyone needs a little boost of encouragement from time to time. Caribou Coffee flawlessly executes this through their coffee sleeves – however, they just had a small misfire. If you’re looking for motivation in your life or want to motivate others, I suggest you look here. If I can just chime in for a moment, I highly encourage you to not take this particular coffee sleeves advice.

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