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Baker Makes Life-Size Jason Derulo Cake After Receiving Request From The Singer

TikTok user @lara_cakeanything spent three days creating the life-size replica of Jason Derulo using over 100kg of cake and frosting to sculpt a spitting image of the 6ft pop star.

Credit: Lara_CakeAnything/TikTok.

A viral Tiktok posted by Baker Lara Mason reveals how she created an eerily impressive, life-size clone of the 6ft singer Jason Derulo using layers of cake and icing after he reached out to her personally.

Lara Mason, known on Tiktok for her “Cake Anything” clips which have amassed over 39 million likes, posted the video last Wednesday and has since gone viral. In the clip Jason Derulo phones the baker asking “hey, can I get a life-size cake made of me?” before revealing himself as the famous ‘Dirty Singer’ to Mason. The video then shows a time-lapse of Mason constructing the huge cake and using icing to create Derulo’s clothing, hair, and beard before cutting into it and taking a slice at the end.
The baking star poses with her culinary creation ‘Cakeson Derulo’. Credit: Lara_CakeAnything/Instagram.

The realism of the cake is emphasized by Mason’s attention to detail – with the baker taking the time to draw Derulo’s tattoos and add muscle definition to the confectionary statue. She also frosted on the pop star’s black tank top and patterned pants that he is wearing at the start of the video. The sugary sculpture, which weighs in at 100kg, is posed talking on the phone wearing a chain bearing an identical smile to the celebrity.

Jason Derulo certainly seemed impressed with his cake clone, commenting a mind-blown and praying hands emoji on the “Cake Anything” Tiktok page. Mason also delved into the comment section of the viral clip to explain how she created the masterpiece. The baker revealed that she constructed the figure’s shape from assorted sponge, red velvet, and chocolate cakes that she had previously baked and left in her freezer and also explained that the cake took over three days to complete.

The clip has now been viewed over 22 million times and has received almost 4 million likes. Credit: Lara_CakeAnything/TikTok.

History in the baking

As well as the life-size Jason Derulo cake, Mason has also baked a plethora of other amazingly realistic cake creations! The “Cake Anything” Instagram page (@lara_cakeanything) boasts a wide arrange of realistic confectionary art, demonstrating Lara Mason’s baking and artistic talents. In 2021 alone, Lara has created life-size busts made of out cake for stars including Billie Eilish as well as David Attenborough and has even constructed and sculpted a seriously impressive Spiderman cake, where the superhero is posed hanging upside-down.
Lara has created many other realistic life-size celebrity cakes – including this one of Meghan and Harry back in 2018!. Credit: Lara_CakeAnything/Instagram.

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