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Some Americans Actually Believe Brown Cows Produce Chocolate Milk!

Maybe there’s a different universe where this headline doesn’t exist.

Maybe there's a different universe where this headline doesn't exist.
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Now I really don’t wanna push ‘that’ stereotype further than it should go. You know which one I’m talking about right? However, when a study by the Innovation Center of US Dairy tells you 16.4 million Americans believe this, what is the world to think? 7% of the Adult US population don’t know how udders function. Why on earth is it not zero?

We don’t need to know what goes into our food. We don’t really need to know how it’s all made. Everyone just heads to the supermarket before checking the health value of our food, and then shoving it in our mouths. Yet, I still don’t see how it’s possible to live your life not questioning that idea. What, does the cocoa and milk just get churned around in there?

How were they allowed a job? Even to leave the house during the day?! I reckon they could do some serious damage to the IQ of the nation with those thoughts and values.

Seriously 16 million of you guys? That’s almost a quarter of the UK’s population. If we had similar stats I would probably start packing my bags. I know you can’t always trust these kinds of reports, but that’s a big number!

I think I’m gunna go lie down for a sec…

While I do that, why don’t you check out the world’s largest chicken nugget!

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