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Folks Are Swapping Christmas Trees For Pineapples This Year!

The fruity spikes are taking Christmas by storm.

Source: Hallmark

Happy Christmas lil’timmy, your presents are waiting under the…..erm….pineapple.

Have you ever made that trip to the attic or shed or garage, wherever you keep those boxes labelled ‘Xmas stuff’ and after carefully placing every bit of tinsel, every shiny bauble and every working light string around your imitation plastic pine tree you take a few paces back to admire your handwork?

Then, after soaking in the festive scene you just so lovingly created you think “This just isn’t tropical enough. Christmas trees are so 2016! Screw it! This year I’m having a Christmas pineapple!”

Well, thoughts along those lines may have been the reasoning behind the recent trend in Christmas pineapples instead of Christmas trees. This comes as no surprise if you follow any of the abundant amounts of people on Pinterest who took to the inter-webs to showcase their Halloween pineapples earlier this year.

I guess there are some upsides to using a pineapple instead of a tree. It’ll take less effort to decorate, looks pretty unique, takes up less space and when you’re done with it you can chop it up and chuck it in some cocktails ready for the new year. Nice. Take a look below at some of the festive fruits.

Feeling inspired yet? Fancy having some festive spiky fruit looking after the presents this year? Let us know in the comments below.

I kinda hope there’s a snowball effect to this pineapple business. For Valentine’s Day I’m planning to give out heart adorned pineapples with little cards saying “If you were a fruit, you’d be a Fine-apple.” I’ll be such a hit with the ladies this year!

Here’s another fruity story for you to enjoy…..

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