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Flat-Earthers Claim Earth Is In Fact Not Round

I’m sorry…what?

In this week’s installment of “crazy people who want attention”, please welcome the Flat-Earthers! This group is exactly what it sounds – a few wackos who got together to try and prove the Earth is in fact not round. Wonder how well that one will turn out…

Though science has already proved – many, many years ago in fact – that the Earth is not flat, Flat-Earthers don’t seem to believe it. The group comes up with the strangest theories to try and justify their points. But each time, rather than convincing anyone, they make themselves look more foolish than when they started. And this particular and most recent occurrence is no different.

Image result for stephen voss facebook flat earthers

Credit: Stephen Voss on Facebook

New Zealand beaches have been graced with popup signs erected by Flat-Earthers advertising their views. Their main tagline: “it’s sea level, not sea curve.” Yes, very persuasive.

The signs draw on a book written by Eric Dubay, a renowned Flat-Earther conspiracist. His book, The Atlantean Conspiracy: 200 Proofs the Earth is Not A Spinning Ball is an encyclopedia detailing why the Earth could not possibly be round. Here is an excerpt of the kinds of ideas one can find in Dubay’s book and inside the minds’ of Flat-Earthers:

“NASA and modern astronomy maintain that the Moon is a solid, spherical, Earth-like habitation which man has actually flown to and set foot on. They claim the Moon is a non-luminescent planetoid, which receives and reflects all its light from the Sun. The reality is, however, that the Moon is observably not a solid body, it is clearly circular.”

Image result for eric dubay flat earth society

Credit: The Atlantean Conspiracy

Hm…interesting point? Anyways, A doctor by the name of Stephen Voss was the one who came across the sign and shared a picture of it. He noted:

“I was unaware of any local Flat-Earth group, so it is a bit of a surprise. Of course this sign may be just be from a single nutter rather than a whole group of them. I’d like to think us Kiwis are a little less susceptible to this nonsense.”

Many of us probably echo Voss’ thoughts. Let’s all hope that this was the work of just one lone crazy, we already have enough of them in this world!

Whether you believe our planet is round or not, this stunning trailer for Planet Earth 2 is sure to blow your mind regardless.

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