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World First: Uruguay Will Soon Sell Marijuana In Pharmacies

Uruguay be hittin’ the bong like Cheech & Chong.

Featured Image Credit: CNBC

Under this new law, buyers must sign up for a national registry of marijuana users. Recreational smokers will have access to Uruguay’s green from 16 pharmacy chains. However buyers must be 18+, a permanent resident or Uruguayan citizen, and they can only buy 40 grams per month. Did I mention it’s only $1.30 for a gram?

Venders can only sell it in 5 gram containers. Although there will be 10 gram containers in the future (hopefully more). The marijuana will come from state-supervised fields, with the buds being monitored by licensed producers. More specifically, the government wants to ensure its citizens that the kush is dank, pure, and of the highest quality.

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Credits: Konbini.

While this won’t affect most Americans, hopefully this news will influence our government to reconsider its views on marijuana. But with a conservative government and an attorney general who hates the stuff, it may take awhile. You can check out the current status of where marijuana is legal on this website. Until every state is a green state, the best place to enjoy recreational use is the west coast.

Lastly, remember to get out and vote, millennials, and check out this article on weedsearch. Vote out these old white men who want to take away your healthcare/preexisting conditions, your pell grants, and your liberal arts and science classes. But most importantly, your weed.

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