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Robert De Niro Impersonator is Arrested Again on Suspicion Of Drug Trafficking

Served 9 years in prison, guess that wasn’t enough.

Served 9 years in prison, guess that wasn't enough.

A Romanian man who previously used a fraudulent ID impersonating Robert De Niro to get a loan from a bank was arrested again when police found more than 1,350 ecstasy tablets which he intended to sell.  

53-year-old Romanian man, Sorin Bulgaru, alias “Robert De Niro”, was first arrested and sentenced to 9 years in prison in 2011 on charges of using fraud and embezzlement when he and a friend used a fake ID with actor Robert De Niro’s name and Photograph to secure bank loans. The damage reported by authorities at that time was near 60,000 euros.

Shortly after he was released on probation, on Monday, June 8th the law enforcement in Iasi caught Bulgaru trying to sell 1,373 ecstasy pills. Police also found another 15 grams of fragments of ecstasy pills and a mobile phone in his apartment in the Nicolina neighborhood, where he lived alone.

After being arrested, Bulgaru appeared in front of the judges where he will now be held in pre-trial detention for 30 days with suspicion for high-risk drug trafficking.

Image via Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism

The official law enforcement statement released on June 9, 2020, reads as follows:

“In that case, it was established that the defendant BS held a large quantity of ecstasy (MDMA) tablets for sale and was interested in identifying potential customers to whom it could wholesale.
On 08.06.2020, the prosecutors of DIICOT – Iași Territorial Service together with judicial police officers from BCCO Iași carried out a flagrant arrest of the defendant BS while he was holding a number of 1373 ecstasy tablets on which intended to market them.
During the same day, the prosecutors of DIICOT – Iași Territorial Service together with judicial police officers from BCCO Iași carried out a house search, after which 15 grams of fragments of ecstasy tablets, approximately 24 grams of powder and fragments of ecstasy tablets and a mobile phone.
Today, the defendant is to be presented to the Iași Court with a proposal for pre-trial detention for a period of 30 days.”

De Niro has not yet expressed what he thinks regarding these events.

These series of events are surely bizarre but read here how a Japanese chemistry professor was sentenced to jail after teaching his students to make ecstasy.

Featured Image via România TV

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