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Judge In Mexico City Grants Right To Recreationally Use Cocaine

Granting two people the right to use cocaine may serve as a stepping stone to major changes in Mexico’s drug policies.

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Universally tabooed, cocaine is one of those drugs that never makes it through any legal system. Much unlike a cigarette, you wouldn’t see someone using it at their own pleasure when a cop is around. Doing a hard drug like cocaine, just about anywhere you go, earns you serious trouble.

This ideology has been thrown aside in Mexico, as a judge in Mexico City just granted two people the right to recreationally use cocaine. This means they are allowed to possess, use, and transport the substance, but can’t sell it. These two people who brought the case now have the rights to recreationally use cocaine, but no one else. A bit odd that only they have the right, but this incident is being taken as a big step towards reducing their strict prohibitionist drug policies. 

Reducing these strict policies will supposedly save lives, because a staggering 250,000 people have been killed by cartels. With prohibitionist drug policies stronger than ever, violence was off-the-charts when Mexico sent their army to fight the war on drugs in 2006. Over the past few years, these strict policies have slowly lost their strength. Currently, Mexico is considering a major change: legalizing marijuana. I mean, if you grant people the right to use cocaine, I think you can give the okay to a less deadly drug.

Mexico is changing the game on its war on drugs. After this judge’s rule, there is no doubt some major alterations underway.

Interested in some other drug-related news? Check out this crazy story about how two million dollars worth of cocaine washed up on a New Zealand beach.  

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