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Italian Police Discover Cocaine Within Coffee Beans

You’ll never believe what Italian customs stumbled upon this week.

Credit: Libreshot Stock Photo

Gone are the days where Coca-Cola™ is created with legitimate cocaine. These days have been possibly replaced with coffee infused with legitimate cocaine. On Monday, July 20th police in Italy were shocked to discover hollowed out coffee beans filled with 130 grams in a 2-kilogram shipment of coffee. A package from Colombia was addressed to Santino D’ Antonio, the mafia boss from John Wick: Chapter, raising the suspicion of customs officers.

A source claimed that the alleged coffee beans had been hollowed out, stuffed with cocaine and sealed together again using dark brown tape. As the package continued its route, the Guardia di Finanza followed, and arrested a 50-year old man in Florence trying to collect it from a “tobacconist shop.”

The man, unnamed in any articles, has already been previously arrested for drug charges. He was also registered as living in Medellin, the city in Colombia where the package has travelled from. 

Image by CNN

According to the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, smuggling and drug possession charges of harmful drugs like cocaine and heroin are punishable “8-22 years of imprisonment.” A charge for drug possession of less harmful drugs like cannabis is a penalty of “2-6 years.” Unfortunately, it looks like that man is about to be put away for a long time. 

Speaking of prison, Animal Planet announces new show “Surviving Joe Exotic” documenting the release of Joe Exotic’s tigers after his arrest. Check it out here!

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