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Couple Arrested in Spain After 16 Foot Cannabis Plant Seized by Police

A couple in Spain have been arrested for harboring a 16-foot cannabis plant in garden.

Credit: H. Zell / Wikimedia Commons

Spanish Police have confiscated an immense 16-foot cannabis plant/tree from a couple’s back garden. 

Police had obtained a search warrant after neighbours complained of a pungent and distinctly weed-y scent emitting from their garden. Seeing the size of the thing, it wouldn’t be a surprise if these neighbours were quite a few doors down. 

The house in question is located in Molina de Segura, south eastern Spain, although the identities of the owners, a man and a woman, are yet to be released. 

Due to it being nearly 3 times as tall as them, the officers were unable to carry the whole plant. They had to cut it up into more manageable chunks before they could take it away and dispose of it. 

A spokesperson for the Spanish police said: “The tree was measured before it was cut up and was found to be five metres high (16.4ft high) and around the same width.”

A source added: “The smell was a definite give-away but officers were still pretty shocked when they saw for themselves just how large the plant was.

“More than a plant, it was a tree.

“Normally individual officers can take away two or three cannabis plants at a time during confiscations but it was impossible on this occasion.

“You only have to look at the video footage to see how it towered over the police who participated in the operation.

“The tree had grown to first-floor level and was nearly three times as high as the officers.”

Cannabis-based products come from the dried flowering tops, leaves, stems, and seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant.

Although Cannabis is currently illegal in Spain and the UK, some people argue that it’s use can be be the key to treating chronic pain. Read more here

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