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Canada Is Out Of Weed Just 2 Days After Legalisation

Canada has run out of weed.

Image via Seven Days

It Is Not Even 4.20 But Canada Is Still Out Of Weed Just Two Days After Legalisation

Canada made history on Wednesday when it became only the second country in the world – after Uruguay – to fully legalise weed, but demand is already exceeding supply and it looks like they might have fully run out of the stuff only two days after declaring it legal.

In Ontario, orders grew to 38,000! And in Quebec orders went up to 42,000 and police were drafted in to disperse crowds who had gathered outside weed dispensaries. Some people waited seven hours to buy weed legally for the first time but were eventually turned away after stocks ran dry.

Thankfully the crowds were all peaceful – they were just sharing the little weed they that had – but the government were still worried about their volume and were encouraged to split them up.

The government has been criticized for the way they implemented the policy, however, the Quebec has fired back with the following, according to SickChirpse:

This volume of orders far exceeds the forecasts.

[It was] difficult to anticipate the volume of sales, given the lack of data from a sector that 48 hours ago was still illegal.

To be completely honest there are two ways to look at this, on one hand, the idea or legalising weed would be beneficial as the hype of doing something illegal such as that would be gone. Ideally, there should be a decrease in the demand. On the other hand,  because it is legal, of course, the majority of the population are gonna queue up and buy weed for the novelty of it being legal.

Could this of been handle better? Probably, however, could this event also have gone anyway possible? Probably.

Will Britain, learn from Canada’s mistakes if they ever legalise weed? Probably not.

For more on Weed, watch this video on whether or not weed is still bad. Will the debate ever stop?

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