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The University Confessions Pages Causing a Stir on Social Media

Coming to a uni near you.

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From anonymous Instagram accounts to catty Facebook pages, the internet is filled with plenty of uni-specific content.

We all know that social media is filled with a whole host of different content, with weird groups, questionable profiles, and trolls popping up in every place you look. But one particular type of online installment is posing problems for everyone involved, even if there’s no confirmation it’s you.

Communities of students are having their daily dose of drama filled thanks to anonymous confession pages, where anyone can submit their opinion without having their name attached to it. Anonymity is famous for bringing out the worst in people, with lots of the posts being featured on these pages verging on all sorts of wrong.

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What Exactly Is A Uni Confessions Page?

If there’s a uni, there’s a confessions page. From the University Of Sheffield’s Shefessions to Queen’s University Belfast’s QUB Love, there are pages for every University in the UK. Every post is different, but the general vibe of each submission is commenting on a person without directly addressing them but instead using their initials, or attacking part of the university itself.

These pages claim to showcase the true views of students but have recently come under fire for posting submissions that cause more harm than good, all the while omitting other submissions they have received. Run by unknown moderators, each page chooses what can and can’t be posted, posing the problem of selective uploads and questioning why hurtful comments can be uploaded without being censored.

Queen’s University’s QUB Love has even experienced a revolt against the bias that is put in place by moderators, with a new page forming under the name of QUB Unbiased. However, since it began at the start of the month, it has rebranded, changed what it stands for and stopped submissions altogether. Everything it stood for has disintegrated, with the outpouring of unfiltered hate clearly being too much for the page to tolerate.

What Are The Current Problems?

Well, there’s quite a long list. Aside from the obvious online torment that some people find themselves subjected to as a result of this, there are spats in the comments (and when they’re not in the comments they’re referencing previous confessions in a new one), hateful posts, and a complete lack of moral compass from the editors.

These types of anonymous pages cause so many different troubles. Rather than doing as they were intended and providing a platform for student voices, they’re dragging other students down and the anonymity is giving people the confidence to post troll people that they never normally would have. 

The worst part? These feats of online hate are shared for everyone to see rather than being addressed privately. Each page has thousands of uni alumni followers, so every post is exposed to every follower, exposing any and all problems to the world.

So What Can Be Done?

Facebook itself needs to look into tightening its restrictions on pages of abuse and trolling, but the moderators of these pages can easily strive to reduce the hate-fuelled content that is uploaded to their platforms. More change needs to happen, regardless of if it’s from the keyboard warrior students submitting their ruthless opinions or  the people running the page and finding the drama completely acceptable.

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