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5 Exceptional Tips that Make Hosting a College Party Easy

there are several things you can do to make hosting a party easy and fun!

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College goes hand-in-hand with parties. On any given weekend, you can find a college student hopping from party to party, having a great time. You might love to go to parties, but have you ever thought about hosting one? Many college students quickly say no to hosting a party; it comes with expenses, noise, and a mess that you’ll have to clean up the next day. However, there are several things you can do to make hosting a party easy and fun!

Do Something Special

If it’s someone’s special day, or you’re celebrating something fun, do something special for the important guest! This will take your party to the next level and make it extra memorable for everyone involved. For a birthday, you can order birthday arrangements like balloons and baskets with cookies to make your guests feel special and enjoy their day. In case you arrange someone else’s birthday party, don’t forget to buy a bouquet of flowers at to celebrate the birthday boy/girl! 

Pick a Theme

Are you looking to elevate your party on a budget? Come up with a theme! If your party is around the holidays, this is easy: Christmas and Halloween parties are incredibly popular. Birthdays are great excuses for parties, and your friends won’t mind a themed get-together on a random weekend, either! Once you’ve picked your theme, buy or make decorations that match. Your party will feel more cohesive and exciting with a theme.

Movie themed party anyone? Image: Volodymyr TVERDOKHLIB/Shutterstock

Make Decorations

Buying decorations for a party can get expensive, fast. To avoid an empty wallet, you can make decorations for your party with the things you have lying around! Construction paper, colored pencils, and tape are things that many students have lying around their homes. With a little creativity and some Internet searches, you can create decorations that will make your party feel themed and well-planned.

Don’t Forget the Food

Providing food for your party guests is always a great idea. Who doesn’t love to have some snacks at a party? You don’t have to go overboard with snacks, especially if you’re on a budget. Pour some chips and pretzels that everyone likes into a large bowl, buy a bottle or two of soda, and consider ordering pizza once everyone gets hungry enough for a meal. You can even ask your guests to each pay a couple dollars so you can provide more food!

Plan Activities

Any party will feel boring after a while if there’s nothing to do. Plan a list of activities that you and your guests can do! This can include things like board games, making cookies, or playing games. You can come up with activities based on things you have in your home already, such as cards and plastic cups for cup pong. Another great idea is to go out after a while. Fun locations include clubs, bars, and concerts.

Many college students will tell you that hosting a party isn’t worth the trouble. However, a party can be a great experience for everyone involved, even the host! You can become closer to your friends, make memories together, and feel proud of the party you’ve put together. Thankfully, these tips make it much easier to host a party that your guests won’t forget without a hassle!

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