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Adam Sandler Revives Iconic Movie Moment For Happy Gilmore’s 25th Anniversary

Adam Sandler posted a recent video on Twitter recreating the famous golf swing from ‘Happy Gilmore’ as his movie celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Credit: Twitter / @AdamSandler

Adam Sandler overjoyed fans of Happy Gilmore on Tuesday by recreating the famous golf swing in the movie, in celebration of its 25th anniversary. Sandler’s video evoked immense reaction from fans, cast members and PGA professionals alike, allowing fans to indulge in their memories of the movie.  

The video shows Sandler stepping onto the green to perform the exact swing that characterises Happy Gilmore and his golfing success in the movie. Sandler begins the video claiming “it has been 25 years since [he’s] done this”. “I’m scared” he states before adopting his character and spotlighting his movie rival: “Shooter McGavin, this is for you”.  

Happy Gilmore, released in 1996, narrates the journey of an unsuccessful ice hockey player who, realising his inability in the sport, turns to golf in order to help his Nana by raising money to reclaim her house. Happy proceeds to conquer the snobbery of the golfing world, and although initially doubted, is able to defeat his competitor Shooter McGavin and win the infamous gold jacket. 

The success of Sandler’s golf swing revealed that he was more than capable of recreating the movie scene, generating huge nostalgia for Happy Gilmore fans. However, the excitement was to continue for fans as discussion and comedic banter appeared on Twitter from the cast of the movie itself. 

Ben Stiller, who played the evil caretaker in the movie, immediately commented his praise for Sandler’s swing, readopting his film character and offering support for Sandler. 

However, the best reply to Sandler’s swing was a video from Christopher McDonald, who played Shooter McGavin, Happy’s rival, in the movie. In the video, McDonald attempts a different golf shot, perfectly putting a golf ball into a mason jar, whilst reciting some of his best lines of rivalry from the movie. The video has over 6 million views, clearly highlighting the sustained hype and love for the movie from dedicated fans. 

Continuing the deep nostalgic dive into the movie’s impact on the golfing industry, key scenes from the movie, including Sandler’s famous golf swing, were also reposted by PGA Tour and other sports teams, hailing the swing in light of its 25th anniversary. The PGA Tour video consisted of recreations of the golf swing and iconic lines in the movie to cement its popularity, even 25 years on, crediting the success of Happy Gilmore’s symbolic Hole 18 Swing – a scene and manoeuvre now firmly planted in movie history! 

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