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18 Signs That Have No Business Being This Funny

These 18 hilarious signs will keep you laughing all the way to the new year.

Comic advice about throwing cigarette butts into urinal. Image: Shutterstock/Wirestock Creators

These signs will have you laughing until the new year.

The holiday season is incredibly stressful for a lot of us. Thankfully, we’ve got something from r/funnysigns to help you manage the madness of your next family gathering. Grab your phone, steal a few Christmas cookies, and check out these 18 signs that have no business being this funny.

1. “Got my vote.”

Got my vote
byu/Fantastic-Cow-1617 infunnysigns

Rick Astley seems like the perfect political candidate! Hopefully, he’ll be on the ballot in the next election. 

2. “Time to change jobs…”

Time to change jobs…
byu/Bubble_Babe_0o0o0o infunnysigns

A disgruntled employee wanted to apologize in advance if they didn’t hear you coming in. Can you really blame them? 

3. “Simple but effective (tattoo shop in Norway).”

Simple but effective (tattoo shop in norway)
byu/RustyBrainTrain infunnysigns

This Norwegian tattoo shop wanted to make it clear they’re closed. Maybe we could book online instead? 

4. “Useful sign.”

Useful sign
byu/Inevitable-Cellist23 infunnysigns

“Hey, you see that sign over? Yeah, we just wanted to let you know we’re not using it. Okay? Thanks.”

5. “Probably true.”

Probably true
byu/zekeboy45 infunnysigns

The cats are going to do whatever they want. At least the dogs will listen (well, sometimes). 

6. “Works sometimes.”

Works sometimes
byu/joedirthockey infunnysigns

Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t. Who really knows? Kind of sounds like your loser ex-boyfriend. 

7. “A cloud of carbs.”

A cloud of carbs
byu/AccomplishedPapaya infunnysigns

We can’t really tell if this sign is pro-carbs or anti-carbs, but either way, we’re pro-cotton candy. 

8. “When you want to justify your position as ‘supervisor’.”

When you want to justify your position as “supervisor”
byu/Zoe_Fun infunnysigns

Is this why construction takes so long? Honestly, if these are the projects they’re working on, I don’t mind taking a detour. 

9. “Most interesting man.”

Most Interesting Man
byu/Fantastic-Cow-1617 infunnysigns

We’ve all been the victim of our ankle deciding to randomly stop working. At least whomever made this sign was able to make a joke about it! 

10. “He’s just curious.”

He’s just curious.
byu/galaxyfrapp infunnysigns

As we said before, cats will do whatever they want. Just make sure you don’t leave your cup unsupervised. 

11. “Sign in my library.”

Sign in my library
byu/ngooddude infunnysigns

Someone from the library staff posted this serious warning. Leave your snacks at home, unless you want to be responsible for global domination by super-smart ants.

12. “No fishing.”

No fishing
byu/_eddddy123 infunnysigns

Don’t bother bringing your bait and pole on your next shopping trip. You won’t have much luck. 

13. “You hungry?”

You hungry?
byu/Fantastic-Cow-1617 infunnysigns

It’s probably a good thing this business decided to make it clear what services they offer. Otherwise, I’m sure their customers would have had some very awkward conversations.

14. “Beware indeed!”

Beware indeed!
byu/TaurusPTPew infunnysigns

Chickens aren’t normally thought of as predators, but this owner wanted to let us know not to risk it. 

15. “I’m gonna need an example.”

I’m gonna need an example
byu/Fantastic-Cow-1617 infunnysigns

Do I stay six feet away, or do I find a partner and start to tango? This one left the photographer, and all of us, a bit confused. 

16. “Just gonna have to take your word for it, Dunkin!”

Just gonna have to take your word for it Dunkin!
byu/EBDBandBnD infunnysigns

The marketing team clearly didn’t think through the placement of this sign. 

17. “Your kids will love it here…”

Your kids will love it here…
byu/Bubble_Babe_0o0o0o infunnysigns

A family-friendly salon’s advertisement sounds more like something out of a horror movie. 

18. Last but not least, “Unless your dog can do this…priceless bylaw sign at dog park.”

Unless your dog can do this…Priceless bylaw sign at local park.
byu/antsinurplants infunnysigns

Friendly reminder to clean up your pooch’s poops. 

We hope you enjoyed this list! Looking for more? Check out these 10 bad designs that will make you double take.

Mary Christine is currently studying English and French at Michigan Technological University. She enjoys reading mystery novels, watching horror movies, and spending a significant amount of her paycheck on coffee.

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1 Comment

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