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Idiot of the Week

Jogger Destroys Homeless Person’s Possessions

Homeless people clearly have too much, I guess.

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Video footage reveals a jogger throwing a homeless man’s possessions into Lake Merritt.

More and more, levels of homeless people are rising in Oakland, California. This area is not unfamiliar with scenes of unrest, as there are currently 2000 people living on the streets.

So, of course, that means the solution to these ongoing socioeconomic issues is to destroy the few things they may possess! “That sounds ridiculously cruel and pointless”, you say? Well, not to this guy apparently.

30-year-old Henry William Sintay, otherwise known as ‘Jogger Joe’, decides to start throwing this man’s personal items into the lake. Even bystanders were pleading with him to stop, which restores at least a little bit of my faith in humanity. But Sintay insisted that the items were “trash” and continued to discard them.

The confusing thing about this story is, if the jogger was really discarding trash surely he would have thrown himself into the lake?

You can watch it below:

Seriously, was the jogger related to that white woman¬†who called the police on black people for having a barbecue? Which also happened in Oakland, California by the way. Something must be in the water, and I don’t just mean a homeless man’s possessions.

The victim has been identified as Drew. He wasn’t present when his things were being destroyed so was unable to prevent it. Thankfully, members of the community realised he was unfairly targeted by Sintay and banded together to support him.

A group of people stood guard over Drew’s remaining possessions because the jogger returned and became violent towards a man who stood up for Drew. They even set up a GoFundMe account which far surpassed the original goal of $3000. It’s nice to know that even when people are assholes, we can always count on backlash against the assholes.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time people have been dicks to homeless people, and certainly won’t be the last. But it isn’t always so disheartening, take a look at how this homeless man created his own paradise.

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