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Idiot of the Week

Idiot of the Week #20: Disastrous Water Damage Caused by Plumber Who Refused to Pay Water Shut Off Fee

Comedy gold.

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Now this is something that would really piss me off. I know that it would make a lot of apartment owners disgusted as well. I’m wondering if anybody did their research on this so-called plumber they choose to hire. This guy really screwed up, not just the job itself, but the owner’s property is destroyed. Imagine watching your bedroom and apartment practically being washed away.

The plumber in that picture refused to pay to shut the water off, before beginning his job. To shut the water off it is a one hundred and fifty dollar fee. That seems like a pretty small number compared how much he will to pay now that he caused all this water damage. Check out the video:

In the video you can clearly see how much damage the plumber is causing, after springing one leak. How did this guy become a plumber? Also, why is that lady vacuuming up the water, it’s pointless. A good effort honestly, but not helping at all. Why isn’t the person who lives in that room packing up her stuff? You know to prevent further damage. It’s a good thing they got this on tape. They are going to need evidence, if they need to bring this guy to court. This is a decision that this plumber will regret for a long time.

If you thought that was bad, check out this article. Here’s a guy who majorly screwed up by deleting his entire company.

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