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Tom DeLonge’s New Organization Seeks to Prove “Aliens Exist”

Plus: the shocking people who believe him.

Plus: the shocking people who believe him.

Tom DeLonge, former frontman and guitarist of blink-182, believes in aliens. In fact, if you see his interviews from the past two decades, he treats the subject with the utmost seriousness. Even his music takes influence from this, from punk hit “Aliens Exist” to the space-themed lyrics of Angels and Airwaves. More recently, the musician’s taking his mission to the next level with his new project: an institute for realizing sci-fi technology and proving the existence of extraterrestrials.

He calls it To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences (TTS). According to the website, the organization is devoted to three specific labors. The Science Division will conduct research into theoretical concepts and develop technology straight out of science fiction. The Aerospace Division will find practical applications for that knowledge. The Entertainment Division will create not new advances but new stories, promoting their discoveries and their ideals. This includes not one, but two YA book series co-written by DeLonge himself.

DeLonge’s New Contacts

As mentioned earlier, DeLonge’s fascination is not new. However, in the past year or so, people have noticed signs that he is going far with this pursuit. The Wikileaks dump of Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s emails showed, among other things, correspondence between him and DeLonge about “our sensitive topic.” Podesta has previously shown interest in making top-secret, alien-related government information public. To wit, DeLonge spoke at some length with a high-ranking government official who takes him seriously. He may be weird, but people you think would know better are listening to him.

This past spring, DeLonge teased a big announcement several times. That announcement finally came on the morning of October 11, when he unveiled his new initiative on a live stream. The astonishing part is not that he is still looking for Martians or anything. It’s that he’s no longer doing it alone.

TTS’s leadership all seem like people who should know better. His Vice President of Operations, Jim Semivan, is a retired senior intelligence officer of the CIA. Aerospace Division Director Steve Justice once served as Program Director for Advanced Systems from Lockheed Martin Advanced Development Programs. Dr. Harold “Hal” Puthoff, Vice President Science and TTs co-founder, “regularly advises NASA and the Department of Defense … on leading-edge technology and future technology trends.” Ex-government officials, experienced intelligencers, and former directors now work for him.

One rock star railing against political conspiracies to suppress the truth is a crackpot. One rock star united with senior CIA members and tech researchers at Lockheed Martin is something else altogether. Who knows? There may, just may, be something to DeLonge’s ideas.

This is a follow-up to a previous article announcing the, well, announcement.

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