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Thalassophobia is the Phobia You Didn’t Know You Had: Want To Check And Sea?

Ever thought about what’s lurking beneath the surface…

Phobias. We all have them. This one is particular is one most of us have traces of– Thalassophobia. NOT to be confused with Trypophobia, the one with all the holes… If you don’t know what that is, I caution your google search. The first time someone showed me images that represent Trypophobie I threw up.

Thalassophobia is the fear of the sea, large bodies of water, and what lurks beneath them. Ever look out into the ocean and feel afraid or get nervous to dangle your feet in the water? If you answered yes, you are among the masses.

Imagine ocean whirlpools, the way the water gets darker and darker the farther down you go, slimy rocks and weird species swimming around your feet. Am I giving you shivers? Some don’t have this phobia obviously. There are definitely our share of ocean and deep-diving lovers.

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Phobias are weird when you think about them. A bodily response to an image, a feeling, even just thinking about something can send your mind into a panic. I wonder if these reactions are adapted responses we as humans developed to aid our survival? I mean it makes sense.

Humans are afraid of the ocean because we can’t survive in it. We get eaten or drown. As to why so many of us are afraid of small groups of holes? I don’t know. I wonder how this adaptation began. I don’t recommend searching and seeking out your phobia though, some things truly are better left unknown.

May I recommend an alternative that will cause pleasure instead of mental scaring, Shake Shack’s cheese recipe. Now, us normal folk are able to recreate the incredible sensation of cheese sauce from heaven in our very homes.

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