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Strange Things Found Inside the Pyramid of Giza

The Great Pyramids have always been a mystery. A place of enchantment filled with age-old stories of treasure and mummies. Recently, the Pyramids have been trending again but not for romanticised purposes. It seems people really want to know what’s inside these natural wonders?

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The Great Pyramids have always been a mystery. A place of enchantment filled with age-old stories of treasure and mummies. Recently, the Pyramids have been trending again but not for romanticized purposes. Does it seem people want to know what’s inside these natural wonders?

The Pyramids of Giza are three pyramids: Khufu (originally 481ft), Khafre (471ft), and Menkaure (213ft). The three concrete and limestone wonders are found in the desert in Giza, Cairo.

Over time the pyramids have lost their shiny limestone covering

Historically the pyramids acted as royal tombs. They were the final resting place for pharaohs or kings. Subsequently, throughout time images of royal riches and lavish decor have escalated. Little is left inside the pyramids, at least as scientists know. Nevertheless, it’s fun to speculate.

The Great Pyramid has become a huge tourist destination. In an age where social media gives access to previously secluded locations, public interest in the pyramids has only increased.

Somebody with a large social media following gives video access inside the Pyramids.

Napolean legend has it that when emerging from The Great Pyramid, Napolean was shaken and pale. Perhaps things inside the pyramid are more sinister than we all think.

There is something about the unknown that makes it so attractive, I think.

Unknown Voids

In 2015, a scientific mission began exploring what was inside The Great Pyramid.

ScanPyramids was a company created under the authority of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiques. Its goal was to “probe the heart of the largest pyramids of Egypt without drilling the slightest opening,” which is precisely what they did.

Along with a large team of people ScanPyramids used science to find answers. Utilizing modern technology, the company used radiographic muons (cosmic particles), infrared thermography, and 3D reconstruction to get a sense of the layout inside the pyramid. In basic terms, then, they zapped it!

This “exceptional scientific mission” was always branded with the “dedication to advancing knowledge.” I guess they were one step ahead of the game than all of us creating crazy theories as to what could be inside:

A Tweet fantasizing about what may be inside the Pyramids of Giza.

I don’t know… arguably, this is more fun!

Anyway, ScanPyramids successfully carried out its mission and, in turn, had some incredible new findings.

An unknown void was detected when scanning the North Face of The Great Pyramid. These “important cavities” led to further investigation.

After more zapping, or ‘scientific probing,’ teams started to create an image of what the inside void might look like.

They guessed that the void was towards the top of the pyramid. As well as this, they assumed that the opening was close to the size of another area in the Pyramid: the Grand Gallery.

The Grand Gallery has a known length of 47m and a height of 8m.

Unfortunately, this is all the information we have on ScanPyramid’s findings. However, discovering a new space behind the concrete is a huge finding.

The natural wonders of the world remain (mostly) a mystery. Loaded with years of history, there must be more strange things to discover… surely?

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