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Russ Foxx Starts Motorcycle With Microchips Under Skin

Where can we get this?

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Haven’t gotten your fix of weirdness yet this week? Well here it is. Meet Russ Foxx, a self-proclaimed cyborg who uses microchips under his skin to enhance his daily life.

Russ Foxx is a body piercer, bio hacker, and body modification specialist from Vancouver, Canada. For those that don’t know, body modification is the deliberate altering of one’s physical appearance. This includes anything from tongue splitting to microdermal implants to neck rings. Russ Foxx himself has horn implants that rise out of his forehead among 100 other alterations.

Aside from the body modification, piercings, and many tattoos, Foxx’s body is also home to microchips. Buried within Foxx’s wrists are highly secure chips that act as keys, an address book, and passcodes.

With a single wave of his arm, Foxx can lock and unlock his front door. He can also start his motorcycle in the same fashion. When paired with an Android phone, Foxx’s chips act a database that stores information like phone numbers and addresses. Foxx even designed a way for his chips to open a uniquely designed wooden concealment table.

Take a look at this wild video. It’s really something you have to see to believe.

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