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Did You Know Saddam Hussein Once Wrote a Romance Novel?

Read the sexual fantasies of the now-executed Iraq leader.

Image via The Sun Newspaper

As an English Degree student, I love to read. However, I am not too sure that I will be picking up this infamous character’s romance novel…

The late president of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, wrote a romance novel back in 2000. Although, the book has been recently released on Amazon for just under £8. The novel, entitled ‘Zabiba and the King’, tells the story of Zabiba (representing Iraq) and an abusive stranger (representing the USA). Supposedly, the meaning is that the sexual abuse Zabiba receives from the stranger symbolizes the United States’ invasion of Iraq.

If you think that’s weird…

Then wait until you hear that the book was written by a man “responsible for the deaths of thousands of people” was turned into a musical production in Baghdad. Also, the book allegedly involves a bizarre sex scene between a herdsman and a bear. Even as a literature student, I can’t tell you what that means.

All the money from purchasing the book goes to the translator and editor, Robert Lawrence. He originally had it translated from Arabic to satisfy his own curiosity about the novel. Nonetheless, he decided to publish it as he “felt it would be interesting and a beneficial tool for the curious, the patriotic, the educator, the historian… as well as for the friends and families of servicemen serving in Iraq.”

The book has only garnered 5 or 1-star reviews, with one commenter, Mike Lewis, saying “buy it as a historical curiosity, not for literary entertainment”. Many others have praised the work, not for its literary merit but for, as another Amazon reviewer Allison says, “unique insight into the psyche of the former Iraqi dictator.” Therefore, the book could have academic appeal for those wanting to research what drove this man to the extremes of war crime and execution.

For the time being, the hardback and paperback versions of Hussein’s novel are out of stock. However, you can order now and it will deliver soon. Perhaps in time for Valentine’s day? Otherwise, the reviews are always there for a good laugh.

Take a look at what our current world leaders are up to.

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