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Going Bald? Try Rubbing Some Wasabi On Your Head

Is this real or just another scam?

Credit: Quinn Dombrowski/Flickr

Baldness, especially in men, is no new phenomenon. Women struggling with it is talked about more recently but has still been an issue. There are many creams, solutions, pills, herbs, and other methods to try to grow some of your hair back, sometimes coming at quite a steep cost. Now, a new option has come to light: wasabi.

Now when I say wasabi, I don’t mean next time your get sushi to ask for extra in the hopes that amount will help you. According to new research though, there is a chemical found within wasabi that targets papilla cells, the ones responsible for hair growth. The chemical is “isosaponarin” and it sends signals to papilla cells externally to promote hair growth ( 1). The external part here is very important to note, it must be absorbed from the scalp, not by ingesting it with your sushi.

Credit: BreakingNews/YouTube
Credit: Elvert Barnes/Flickr

Another issue is the form of wasabi you would need to do this is not the kind you get in restaurants. What you need is the raw wasabi from the root and grind it from that into a paste and rub that on your head. Raw wasabi comes at a pretty hefty cost though, about 80 pounds or a little over $108. It’s also not as easy to find which is probably why it is priced so high for one. Whether this truly works or not is up to you. If you’re willing to plunk down that kind of cash for slight results, have at it! Post pictures in the comments of this article so we can see your results. Nutrafol has been getting some rave reviews so maybe give that a try. Either way, good luck!

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