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Fish Are Getting Cosmetic Surgery (Seriously)

Huh… must have missed that Spongebob episode.

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So, fish owners are giving their fish cosmetic surgery now. What the fucketh indeed.

Arowana Fish Aren’t Pretty Enough

Yep, you heard that right. Humans apparently weren’t insecure enough. Now we gotta take our shit out on fish.

Owners are getting eye lifts and blemish removals for their arowana fish. They’ve gotta look perfect in the tank, I guess. I’m all about having a nice aesthetic but… isn’t this a bit far?

Fish getting surgery

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Well, apparently not for some owners.

There’s a guy who literally has a career in doing cosmetic surgery for fish. He has a YouTube channel and everything, because of course he does. You can watch the madness below if you want:

Is it right?

Thing is, I’m not a specialist, I don’t know if this is unnecessarily hurting the fish or not. I’m not a veterinarian, or part of the vegan police (ily vegans). Aside from fixing the drop eye (as that is an actual problem) some of it seems like a fairly pointless procedure. And I gotta say, I’m all about not putting animals through unnecessary bullshit for human entertainment!

Seriously, can’t you guys just draw the line at putting bowties on dogs? Why are people like this? In all honesty, I can’t tell if society is crazy or I’m just overreacting anymore.

It’s totally okay to revere animals for their beauty… but it gets into weird territory when you’re beautifying an animal. I’m all for plastic surgery for humans – your body, your choice. Animals don’t really get a choice so… just be sure what you’re doing is actually needed. I shall now get down from my soapbox.

Animals being used for entertainment is nothing new. But it nearly always crosses into uncomfortable territory. Where do we draw the line? Check out this story about a bear… does this seem humane to you?

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