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Animated Clip Sums Up The Entire History Of Poland – And It’s Pretty Edgy

It shows how badass the Polish are!

What do any of us know about Poland and Polish history? Speaking from my own perspective, the answer would be not a lot. But this short animated clip is enlightening at the very least.

Poland is a pretty edgy and badass place. The IPNtv have just put together a video ‘The Unconquered’ revealing the entire history of Poland over the last 50 years. You can’t help but be appreciative of people who make videos like this. We sit here, oblivious, while they put in all the research, condense it into four minutes, and suddenly we too are educated. (Maybe not completely). So, here it is:

To sum it up, the Germans and the Russians tried to destroy Poland. As a result, they were mass murdered, enslaved, shipped off to other countries. But this doesn’t stop the Poles from fighting back. Why don’t more people talk about this? They literally fought back against all this sh*t despite their chances of survival seemingly being pretty slim. They saved Jews despite the threat of death penalty. Overall, they saved millions of lives. And what did they get in return? Basically the rest of the world entirely screwed them over.

‘We were the first to alert about the holocaust, though politics appears to be more important than human lives- and nobody listens to us.’

The production of the video is insane, but the most striking part of this is its unbelievable and inspiring content. It condenses so much history into such a short video, and asserts all of its points incredibly boldly and clearly. I personally had no idea about Poland’s treatment during the War and can safely say this video was ridiculously informative for me. Hopefully it keeps on getting shared and more people come to realise how badass Poland is!

For more updates- read HERE about how King Jong-un has called Trump a (wait for it)… ‘Mentally Deranged Dotard’ after Trump’s ‘Rocketman’ Comment!


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