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5 Artifacts of the Ancient World That Remain Unexplained to This Day

But why?

Screenshot of YouTube Video of The Temple of Artemis in Ephesus

Thanks to advanced technology and industrialization, the list of things we can’t do and create are pretty short. But during these uncertain times, I couldn’t help but look back to some of the wonders of the world, which even though might seem doable right now, but are so marvelous that they seem to be out of this world.


1. Lighthouse of Alexandria

Lighthouse of Alexandria By Georg Balthasar Probst

Built on the Island of Pharos, the Lighthouse of Alexandra was the tallest building in the world in its time, except for the Great Pyramid. The lighthouse was named after Alexander the Great and built 30 years before he passed away. It is said that this 460 feet tall masterpiece was built out of limestones, with huge mirrors hanging inside, in order to project the beam of light.

By the year 1480, as a result of 3 earthquakes, the lighthouse fell to its last remaining ruins and became the house of Qaitbay Citadel.

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