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What to Watch This Pride Month: 7 Films to Add to Your Watch List

A list featuring LGBTQ+ films of every genre; from period drama to body horror to documentary.

Pride month LGBT films The Handmaiden, Titane, Challengers
Park Chan-Wook, CJ Entertainment. Julia Ducournau, Diaphana Distribution. Luca Guadagnino, Amazon MGM Studios, Warner Bros.

As we celebrate pride month, it’s important to recognize all of the incredible LGBTQ+ films and filmmakers contributing to the world of cinema.

This list features films of every genre; from period drama to body horror to documentary. Each of these films cover distinct and unique perspectives and queer experiences. Keep reading to find the perfect film to add to your pride month watchlist this June.

1. The Favourite (2019)

Queen Anne, played by Olivia Colman, and Abigail, played by Emma Stone. Credit: Yorgos Lanthimos, Searchlight Pictures

Yorgos Lanthimos injects his charmingly awkward style into this 17th century period piece based on true events surrounding Queen Anne of England. The film follows a tense love triangle between an emotionally turbulent queen and her two right-hand ladies. These characters are complex and captivating, and all three actresses deliver incredible performances. A soon to-be classic in the ever-growing collection of brilliant lesbian period pieces.

2. Titane (2021)

Adrian performs in a strip show on a car in this body horror perfect for pride month
Agathe Rouselle as Adrian. Credit: Julia Ducournau, Diaphana Distribution

Julia Ducournau’s Palme D’Or winning film is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. On the surface, it is a batshit crazy Cronenberg-esque body horror meant to inspire unrelenting sympathetic pain. Beneath its shocking premise, it’s a film about family, abuse, gender identity, and the futility of gender roles and expectations. DuCournau is one of the most promising new horror directors, and creates something here that will have you horrified and disgusted as well as deeply touched. 

3. But I’m a Cheerleader (1999)

Megan and Graham in But I'm a Cheerleader Lesbian Film for Pride Month
Natasha Lyonne and Clea DuVall as Megan and Graham. Credit: Jamie Babbit, Lionsgate

If you’re in the mood for something lighthearted this pride month, look no further than this campy and heartfelt early 2000s rom-com. Natasha Lyonne plays an innocent cheerleader sent away to a gay conversion program, where she first love and self-discovery. The film deals with difficult topics with clever satire and a hopeful outlook.

4. Challengers (2024)

Zendaya, Mike Faist and Josh O’Connor. Credit: Luca Guadagnino, Warner Bros., Amazon MGM Studios

I know you’ve already heard about it by now – but this sports drama really is the best queer movie of the summer. The entrancing dark techno score captures the intensity and sexiness of the film, and the performances are stand out from all of the actors. The film maintains constant and perfectly choreographed tension between its trio. It is erotic without ever being too overt, and explores themes of unhealthy obsession, repressed sexuality and complex relationships. It doesn’t matter if sports aren’t your thing – you’re undoubtedly going to be captivated.  

5. The Handmaiden (2016)

Korean thriller The Handmaiden pride month watchlist
Kim Tae-ri as Sook-Hee and Kim Min Hee as Lady Hideko. Credit: Park Chan Wook, CJ Entertainment

Park Chan Wook is a master of weaving complex and beautiful stories which never cease to surprise you, and this is no exception. The Handmaiden is a thrilling, passionate love story set in 1930s Korea. Park focused on making sure his film was free from the male gaze and treated his actresses with respect and dignity. The film tells a triumphant and powerful story of true love and female liberation from the control of misogynistic men. His directorial style lends itself to creating one of the most stunning and romantic films of all time, more than deserving of its several accolades, including the Grand Prix at Cannes.

6. Tangerine (2015)

Trans film Tangerine pride month watch list
Mya Taylor as Alexandra and Kitana Kiki Rodriguez as Sin-Dee. Credit: Sean Baker, Magnolia Pictures

This low budget dramedy from recent Palme D’or winner Sean Baker was filmed on an IPhone and features two incredible trans actresses.The film follows the chaotic journey of two sex workers, Sin Dee and her friend Alexandra, trying to find Sin Dee’s cheating boyfriend and get answers. Baker captures lives and experiences you rarely see on screen with such empathy and realism.

7. Paris is Burning (1990)

pride month documentary film LGBT
Credit: Jennie Livingston, Miramax

Jennie Livingston’s documentary covers the drag ball scene of Harlem in the 1980s, and features iconic drag queens and trans women of the time. It deals with themes of racism, poverty and finding community in adversity. This film is an important time capsule of gay and trans history and culture and a perfect watch for pride month.

There are hundreds more great LGBTQ+ films worth checking out, but this list features some truly stand-out titles. Hopefully you’ve found something new to watch this pride month.

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