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You Can Now Rent A Private AMC Theatre For As Low As $99

Missing the cinema? Ever dreamed of watching Sonic the Hedgehog alone in an empty theatre? Check this out…

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For those of you aching to be back enjoying movies the way they are meant to be experienced on the big screen but without the Covid-anxiety of being squished between strangers, cinemas are making that possible.

The USA’s largest cinema chain AMC is the latest to offer private screenings, allowing groups of up to 20 people to book an entire auditorium to themselves.

Cinemas are among the many businesses that have been pummelled by lockdown and social-distancing measures, which make moviegoing the old-fashioned way near impossible. Regal Cinemas announced earlier this month it was indefinitely closing all of its US theatres and Cineworld is set to temporarily close its UK cinemas, affecting thousands of employees.

But some chains, like Alamo Drafthouse and AMC, are working around Covid-19 by allowing cinema enthusiasts to rent the whole theatre.  

AMC is currently offering a selection of 17 movies but before you get too excited, prices vary drastically. While $99 may make this sound like an attractive once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, if you’re hoping to catch Tenet on the big screen, it’s going to cost you!

To watch a Christopher Nolan film with all its visually-stunning spectacles for the first time, at home on your telly can feel just… wrong when we know it was made with a much larger canvas in mind. Unfortunately, an auditorium rental for Tenet will cost between $150 to $350 before tax depending on where the theatre is located.

Or, if you’re not interested in any new releases, you can rent out a theatre to watch cinematic masterpieces like Shrek or Sonic the Hedgehog! And you could always fork over an extra $100 for a microphone to introduce your friends over the PA system, which sounds pretty damn iconic.

If you’re interested in booking a screening and can afford to help support the entertainment industry during these hard times, you can fill out an enquiry form here – you’ll be contacted within 3 days. The promotion is available across most of the US, according to CNN, excluding New York, Alaska, and Hawaii.

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