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‘Yellowjackets’ Episode 6, Season 2 Recap: Cannibalism, Cults, and Clairvoyance

It was all a dream…

Credit: Showtime

Yellowjackets season two has taken us on a long run, with about three episodes left. Many questions remain, leaving fans with many different theories. The most recent episode of the captivating series ‘Qui’ was an emotional rollercoaster. Filled with interrogations, reunions, and most anticipated, childbirth. 

As the episode opens, we see a flashback to the girls in a classroom where Coach Ben is playing an educational video on childbirth—foreshadowing what’s to come. The whole fanbase of Yellowjackets has been waiting more than a season to find out what happens to Shauna and her baby, and we got a stormy, cold result. 

The Beginning

A lot of fans speculated that the wilderness baby is not Callie, who is Shauna and Jeff’s former daughter. So, where is the wilderness baby? Is it alive, or did it not make it through the birth? Well, after a long pregnancy, Shauna’s baby unfortunately did not make it. In the beginning, we see Shauna’s bad dream of her waking up to the group eating her baby. 

Previously, we saw Taissa and Shauna stuck in a snow storm, where Shauna starts having contractions. Taissa has to carry Shauna through the storm, and the girls back at the cabin are practicing Lottie’s spiritual connection to the wilderness. The girls state what they hear, feel, and smell over and over while stating that they want their friends back. Taissa, a non-believer, eventually does the same. Shauna and Taissa make their way back to the cabin, and Shauna starts experiencing a hard labor journey. 

As we all know and love, Misty is the nurse on call. However, in the previous episode, she told her big, dark secret of crushing the emergency locator transmitter to her bestie, Crystal/Kristen. Crystal justifiably freaks out and threatens to tell the others, but Misty makes sure she doesn’t, by pushing her off a cliff. Because of this, Misty is too distracted to help Shauna give birth. Taissa starts pawning off Coach Ben to help since he taught them about childbirth in high school, but he insecurely declines. Finally, Akila steps up and kicks Shauna off. 

Shauna giving birth
Credit: Showtime

The Birth

When the actual birthing starts, it is emotional and heated. Shauna is screaming in pain and cannot push as hard as she needs to. Everybody is concerned for her and, more importantly, the baby. Pools of blood, tears, and sweat were coming from Shauna and the team. Finally, Misty snaps back into reality after Lottie explains how she can still save Shauna and the baby. 

During this time, we see Travis gather a dead animal skull and place it on the floor. After he places it down, we see him sacrifice his own blood by cutting his hand and dripping it onto the skull. The rest of the group also offers up some of them: hair, buttons, etc. Lottie says, “The wilderness recognizes your sacrifice.” This leads fans to believe and theorize that the group knew how this was going to end and wanted to ask the wilderness to save Shauna instead of the baby.

The Dream

Once Misty starts to help, we see Shauna give birth to a baby boy. Throughout the episode, we watch Shauna and her baby struggle and fall in love. Shauna continuously wakes up to find her baby missing, and it is always in Lotties arms. Shauna is a non-believer and gets angry at Lottie for feeding the baby her cult-like affirmations. We see Shauna try and try to get the baby to eat, and eventually he does. It is a beautiful, yet devastating moment to see, since seconds later Shauna wakes up on the same table she was giving birth on. 

In this scene, we find out that Shauna was unconscious from losing blood and didn’t actually give birth to her baby. Shauna says over and over how she saw him, held him, and fed him. The group stared with teary eyes as they knew it was not real. The most horrifying aspect of the episode was not the usual gore, it was Shauna pleading and begging the words, “Why can’t you hear him cry?”

Present day

In the midst of Shauna’s terrifying and traumatizing birth, we get to see what she is up to in 2021—and it’s not good, as always. We all know what happened to Adam, Shauna’s former love affair, and now the cops are seriously onto her. Surprisingly, they are also onto Callie since one of the cops, Matt, peaked his interest in her to get more information on her mom. 

While Matt (or Jay, if you’re Callie) was faking it, Callie slipped up and mentioned how her mom had an affair. Since Callie has now reconciled with her mom, she has her back and says it was actually with Randy, her dad’s best friend from high school. Because of this, the cops follow Shauna and see her walk in and out of Randy’s mobile home. The cops still aren’t convinced this supposed affair with Randy is real, so they take Shauna and Callie into questioning. 

During questioning, we see Shauna break down and say how she never wanted Callie as a daughter. We have seen the complicated and resentful relationship Callie and Shauna have for each other. However, we never heard Shauna openly state it. Shauna never wanted a child, and in her hallucination about her baby boy in the woods, she says she regrets feeling that way and is grateful to have him. Fans believe Shauna holds hatred against Callie due to her wanting the wilderness baby, not her. 

Shauna getting interrogated
Credit: Showtime

What’s Going To Happen Next?

After this week’s challenging episode, fans are left wondering what is coming next. Fans have been speculating about who the pit girl is in the opening scene of the entire show. The options have to be Crystal, Jackie, Mari, Gen, Lottie, and Callie (in present day). The pit girl has dark, long black or brown hair and a lighter complexion. We can also see that the pit girl is wearing Jackie’s necklace. Well, from recent episodes, we can clearly take away Crystal, Jackie, and Lottie. My bet is on either Callie or Mari, since they fit the description the most. 

We also know that they are still hungry, but the question is, for who? In the teaser for episode seven, we can see Coach Ben and Misty talking or crying and that may be implying Coach is next. From the feast episode, we also know that Coach didn’t indulge in Jackie-dinner, so why wouldn’t they get him next? Well, I guess we will find out May 12th in the next episode ‘Burial.’

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