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Who Is America: Baron Cohen Plays ‘Truly Sick’ Prank On Sarah Palin

Sacha toes the line with this one..

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One of the greatest trolls the world has ever seen – Sasha Baron Cohen, aka Ali G, Borat, and Bruno – is currently back in action with his new CBS/Showtime docu-series Who is America?

The film is a microcosm of the current state of affairs in U.S. politics, and Cohen is unbiased in his willingness to go undercover and dupe both Democrats and Republicans alike.

This specific encounter with former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin didn’t go over so well. Read Sarah’s Facebook rant after her meeting with Cohen and in response to Matt Drudge’s tweet below:

For my interview, my daughter and I were asked to travel across the country where Cohen (I presume) had heavily disguised himself as a disabled US Veteran, fake wheelchair and all.

Out of respect for what I was led to believe would be a thoughtful discussion with someone who had served in uniform, I sat through a long “interview” full of Hollywoodism’s disrespect and sarcasm – but finally had enough and literally, physically removed my mic and walked out, much to Cohen’s chagrin.

Mock politicians and innocent public personalities all you want, if that lets you sleep at night, but HOW DARE YOU mock those who have fought and served our country. Truly sick.

I think Sasha Baron Cohen is f*cking hilarious, but if this is 100% true, he may have crossed the line a bit. Showtime/Cohen are currently amidst back-and-forth deliberations with Palin and her people – Showtime claims that Cohen never impersonated a disabled Veteran while Palin is accusing Showtime/Cohen of “stolen valor.” We won’t know for sure until the episode airs, however we can only speculate that the footage will be edited to disperse any stolen valor claims.

Watch the Who is America trailer HERE

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