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Who Does Christina Ricci Play in Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’?

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Image Credit: Netflix

Christina Ricci was the first to popularise the role of the two-braided, goth girl in “The Addams Family” and its sequel “Addams family values” in 1991. The new Netflix series “Wednesday” stars Jenna Ortega as the character.

Through the years, there have been many portrayals of Ricci’s character, but the fans of Addams Family feel that her role has been the ultimate one. One of the reasons can be that she is most likely to be associated with the iconic character.

Acting for decades now, Ricci has been an excellent actress. This year, however, marked her revival with Yellowjackets, which awarded her an Emmy nomination. And what left the people ecstatic was the announcement that she had a role on Wednesday, which made them question whos will she be portraying.

It had been quite clear, though, that she would not be leading the series, and it is awarding to watch her pass the torch to Ortega, who has managed to be phenomenal in the role.

The big reveal is on its way. Brace yourselves.

Ricci’s character is a Nevermore Academy teacher called “Marilyn Thornhill” in the upcoming show. This teacher is fantastic because she is said to be the only “normie teacher out there. The character has no special abilities and isn’t considered or treated as Wednesday and the other students.

Marilyn is a kind and loving teacher who wants to make Wednesday feel at home and welcome in her new school. The trailer shows Marilyn welcoming Wednesday and offering her assistance with anything.

The show “Wednesday” starts streaming on the 23rd of November on the OTT giant Netflix.

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