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What is Animated-Series ‘Spirit Rangers’ on Netflix About?

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Image Credit: Netflix

One new family-friendly series is now streaming on Netflix! The Spirit Ranger series debuts its ten episodes on Monday, October 10, and it’s a hit with your younger ones. Don’t miss out on this one — it will be a hit!

Netflix is joining the trend of creating shows by Native Americans. One of the showrunners is Karissa Valencia, a member of the Chumash Indian tribe in California, and Chris Nee takes on producing duties.

Voice cast members for the animated series are Wacinyeya Yracheta as Kodi Skycedar, Isis Celilo Rogers as Summer Skycedar, Talon Proc Alford as Eddy Skycedar, Kimberly Guerrero as Mom Skycedar, John Timothy as Dad Skyceder, Cree Summer as Lizard Deedee, Shaun Taylor-Corbett as Coyote, Wes Studi, Devery Jacobs, and Nyla Rose.

You might wonder what to expect if you haven’t checked it out yet. We’ve got the details for you below!

Spirit Rangers Synopsis

Spirit Rangers is inspired by stories from native tribes and the majestic landscapes of national parks. The show’s goal is to explore nature through the eyes of Kodi, Summer, and Eddy. Chumash/Cowlitz siblings who share a secret. This trio of kids are “Spirit Rangers,” who help protect land and spirits in the national park they call home in California.

According to Netflix, “Skycedar” celebrates community, nature, and the rich heritage of Native American storytelling. Through its cute storytelling and surprising scenes, the series seems perfect for kids who don’t require too much violence or detail.

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