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WATCH: Stephen King’s New Terrifying TV Series

Stephen King mania never quite goes away, does it?

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Stephen King is the king of horror. And this new series proves King’s horror hasn’t lost it’s charm.

For those who don’t know, Stephen King is a writer who is most known for his page-turner horror stories. He has a range of stories, from insanely long novels to short stories. Not all of them are horror, he’s got a lot of range to him. However, horror is something he is known for doing extremely well. And rightly so.

It’s no secret that quite a few of them are set in the perpetually troubled town of Castle Rock – a fictionalised town inspired by King’s real life in Maine.

Now, King fans have gotten an exciting update.

Castle Rock is officially being made into a new anthology-style series, (obviously) set in Castle Rock, where, presumably, all sorts of spooky things will be happening. The show is going to centre around Henry Deaver (played by André Holland), an attorney who takes on clients with familiar faces.

For example, Bill Skarsgård who recently played Pennywise in It (2017), and even the legendary Carrie star Sissy Spacek. This is both a brilliant and creepy move.

Watch the trailer below so you can judge for yourself:

July 25th is when the show will officially air on Hulu, so keep your eyes peeled. Huh, that sounds a little more sinister after watching that.

Random alligators and scary masked men galore, this trailer has everything to keep you hooked. They at the very least raise some interesting questions. Let’s hope they’re answered.

Who knows how they’ll tie all the individual stories together? It’s hard to keep an anthology going and consistently interesting. But I suspect the end result will be extremely engaging to see.

This isn’t the only Stephen King-themed adaptation to sink your teeth into. His ‘Killer’ series was renewed for a second season, so start catching up now!

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