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WATCH: Simpsons And Green Day Make An Odd But Amusing Comeback

Simpsons and Green Day come together in a clever youtube video.

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Another act of brilliance has touched the internet and it involves Simpsons and Green Day.

Taking the scene from Simpsons where Principal Skinner gives Superintendent Chalmers a very odd lunch involving steamed hams and combining it with Green Day’s famous song “Basket Case” equals a strange but amusing video. The interesting mashup provides both some laughs as well as some good old fashion 90’s nostalgia.

Who knew this song was meant to be sung by Principal Skinner and Superintendent Chalmers? Surprisingly enough, these auto-tuned cartoons fit the song to a tee and give it a whole new meaning.

This odd but charming video shows that you can take two works of art from the incredible 90’s and make something beautiful and hilarious. It also shows us just how awesome and artistic technology can be.

If you’re interesting in more 90’s nostalgia, check out the article about a store for the Nostalgia Generation.

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