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Use The Force! Man Punched at Star Wars Screening

The Force is strong with him! Fan lashes out at phone user.

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Palpatine would be proud! The Dark Side was strong with one guy in Vancouver’s Scotiabank cinema who allegedly face-punched another man for checking his phone during a screening of The Rise of Skywalker.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I despise people using their phones during movies. Am I going to punch someone though? Probably not. I’ll just get really passive aggressive and give them death-stares throughout the entirety of the movie. This guy, however, takes that “Let the hate flow through you” line to heart.

The “victim” is a man by the name of Joe Bond (where were his 007 reflexes here? We’re on fire with movie references today) and told CTV that he thought he was getting a “call from the babysitter”. 

So, it did go straight to fisticuffs. There was some shouting and name-calling to start with after the fan noticed the phone being used. “He began yelling and screaming,” Bond continues. “I told him to calm down, and he didn’t calm down, and then he hit me in the face.”

You can see the aftermath below.
Credit: TikTok Viral

Of course, the all-powerful ushers fell on him in a flash and escorting him out of the cinema to a chorus of boos and jeering. 

As he’s being escorted, the guy can be heard shouting, “I’m the real Star Wars fan!” and “Turn your phones off!” Good to see him staying on message.

This is met with shouts of “Out! Out! Out!” and he makes his dramatic exit.

Understandably, this disrupted the viewing of the film and Scotiabank rewinded the film for all those who had resisted the urge to punch someone in the face.

A happy ending all round then! The troublemaker was removed, and everyone got to see Abrams’ attempt to finish a trilogy that Disney absolutely failed to plan out, receiving mixed to negative reactions from fans and critics alike. Yes, a very happy ending.

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