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‘Too Hot to Handle’ Season 4 Winners, Eliminations and Prize Money

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Too Hot to Handle season 4 released its first five episodes on December 7tg, and Netflix dropped the second half on December 14th.

Too Hot to Handle season 4 eliminations

There are a few more eliminations before the end of this season. Lana goes for a double-elimination and sends Ethan and Sophie back home. Ethan goes home because he doesn’t wish to make any real connection beyond the physical. At the same time, Sophie is sent home because, after the Creed debacle, she has lost her interest in knowing anyone else.

In the finale, Lana finally eliminates Creed after he lies to Flavia and newcomer Imogen, leading them on repeat because he cannot choose between them.

Too Hot to Handle season 4 winner

Lana nominates two couples as finalists in the fourth season of Too Hot to Handle. She chooses Kayla/Seb and Jawahir/Nick, which was obvious as they were the couples with the strongest connection throughout the season.

After announcing the finalists, Lana left it up to the contestants—Brittan, James, Nigel, Dominique, Shawn, Imogen, and Flavia—to vote for the ultimate winner. They voted Jawahir and Nick as the show’s winners, which seems to be a great pick because they went through a lot to end up together.

Too Hot to Handle season 4 prize money

Jawahir and Nick divided the $89,000 prize pool at the show’s end. Even after losing, Seb and Kayla are supportive of the other two. Most of the cast members appear close as they’ve been showing up on each other’s Instagram pages.

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