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‘The White Lotus’ Season 2 Ending Explained: Did Lucia Scam Albie? (Spoilers)

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The White Lotus season 2 has ended, and we are left with many questions, which is one of the things the satire comedy is famous for. One of the highlights of this season are Lucia and Mia, particularly Lucia.

Do viewers want to know if Lucia scammed Albie in The White Lotus season 2 finale?

Lucia seemed to be a kind and good person, and she is, but she considers her needs above all else. So yes, Lucia did scam Albie out of 50,000 euros, which is nearly $50k US dollars. Lucia made Albie think she was being followed and must pay up or escape. And Albie truly felt that he had a shot with her, but Lucia left as soon as the money hit her account.

It wasn’t like Albie (or his father) needed the money or would suffer because of it. It’s not a big chunk of change for them. But for Lucia and Mia, it’s life-changing.

So did Albie learn his lesson?

No. He exchanged phone numbers with Portia instead of ignoring her as she ignored him. Either way, Albie may not stay like this for long. In one of the final scenes, we see a woman walking by Albie, his father, and his grandfather. All three men turn their necks to look at her walking away. That’s a shame.

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